Juan journey is my journey and every Juan’s journey. A lot of us were stuck in the idea of following the path of the person next to us and what society dictates us. Life is about growth and continuous learning. Follow your heart and chase after your dreams.

It was August 2017 when I quit my full-time job and started blogging. I don’t have a concrete plan but what I know is that something great will happen, and we’re all made for something extraordinary. Now, I’m teaching English in South East Asia in which I found the most fulfilling job I’ve ever done and considered it as the best decision I’ve made so far.

To travel is to take a journey into yourself. My goal here is not just to motivate people to travel but also to inspire everyone to live their lives happily. It desires to encourage more people to go outside their comfort zone. I’m going to fill your soul up by taking you all along on my whole journey. Giving you travel guides, tips, reviews, advice, and also to encourage you to move forward, find your own dream adventure and follow what your heart truly desires.