Oman’s hidden gem: Salalah

The Jewel of Arabia

(Wadi Darbat, Salalah, Oman)

It’s always summer season in Arab region but it’s the other way around in Oman this time of the year. And somewhere in this beautiful country lies this amazing city of Salalah, the second-largest city in the Sultanate after the capital, Muscat and the birthplace of the current Sultan Qaboos. Usually, this city has a hot climate all year round but now it’s covered with fogs and relatively experiencing rain falls.

You heard it right, Khareef Season just recently started. Khareef means autumn in Arabic and it affects Dhofar and Al Mahrah region, from the last week of June and expected to continue until the third or last week of September. During this time, the deserted land of Salalah turns into a lush greenery and stunning paradise.

The Ministry of Tourism prepares an amazing Khareef Festival every year wherein they include different sporting events, competitions, and introduces their traditional arts and handicrafts. Locals and tourists are expected to flock during this season. So let me help you to decide where to stay, where to go and things to try during this season here in Salalah. 🙂

Place to Stay

I had a short DIY-trip in this city with my friends and I can say that there are a lot of choices to stay in. But, I have no regrets about staying in this hotel and I would definitely recommend the Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah. The ambiance itself was really inviting. The room was big, comfortable and relaxing. The service was superb. And of course, nothing beats the friendliness of the staffs. Shout out to Mich of Front Desk, Sabel, and Agnes of F&B, Lino of Recreation and to all who made our stay really awesome! Thank you! 🙂 made via GIPHY

Things to try

Omani Coffee

For those who knew me, well, I’m really not a fan of coffee (laxative effect) :). But this one took my heart out and I can say that this is one of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted so far. I remember, an Omani kept inviting me to have a drink and I kept refusing him. After a few minutes, I still gave it a shot even though I know what will happen next. 🙂 It’s definitely worth the try. made via GIPHY
Fresh Coconut Juice

Salalah is rich in Coconuts. You will see a lot of vendors selling fresh coconuts on the pavements and hundreds or maybe thousands of coconut trees around the city. It’s perfect while you’re having a trip or just a quick break in between your tours.

Where to go?

Al Mughsail Beach

First stop, The Al Mughsail Beach, this is a very interesting and unique beach that caters to the natural charm of Salalah. The weather was quite not good at that time but I think it actually showcased some captivating scenes as the waves crashed on the coastline.

(Al Mughsail Beach, Salalah)

And of course, you need to check these “blowholes” out scattered around the beach. Wherein, it creates a natural fountain as the waves strongly rushed in. made via GIPHY

Wadi Darbat

The most visited Wadi (a valley in Arabic) in Salalah during Khareef season. It is located on the road to Tawi Attir (sinkhole). Expect the high number of people visiting this place as it offers a lot of activities on the side such as boat riding and kayaking. This is also the ideal place for family picnics, gatherings, and all nature lovers.


Ayn Sahalnoot

The natural spring of Sahalnoot is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen, a perfect reason why people come here to have a swim during the daytime. Tourists and locals visit this place to witness the blue-water-spring and the natural limestone formations.



Jabal Samhan

Last stop, the breath-taking view of Jabal Samhan. For me, this is the highlight of my trip. Come on! Who will not be amazed by this stunning view from the top of this mountain? I was literally in awe and I just seized the moment.

So if you happened to be in this part of Oman and looking for some new adventures and a place to travel with your family, friends or just you alone. Indeed! Salalah is the place to be!



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