A Capsule Hotel in Vietnam? I thought it’s only in Japan.

Inside your capsule room. It has a pillow, blanket, comforter, lights, a table, and a safety locker for your belongings.
Inside your capsule room

You might have heard about the capsule hotels in Japan. Well, they also have it here in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is actually inspired by Japanese features that offer many small bed-sized rooms or capsules.

Fact: In 1979, the first-ever capsule hotel in the world was opened in Osaka, Japan.

People nowadays especially travelers prefer a cheaper accommodation option yet still value comfort and security. And that’s what Khan Hoang Capsule Hotel can offer. 24-hour services and security, good quality sleep, and best comfort with their cozy beds.

About Khan Hoang Capsule Hotel

This is the reception area where you can find the big name written on the wall and has plants all over.
The Logo at the reception area.

A minimalist capsule hotel in the busy streets of Hanoi, Vietnam. It’s the first in the city and provides Japanese-quality facilities and capsules for the finest relaxation without compromising comfort and privacy.

It's the hallway inside the males' room with lights on the floor serving as guide to your capsule.
The hallway inside the males’ room.

What’s inside your capsule?

First, it’s length and width resemble a single bed in a hotel with sufficient height for a guest to sit upon. It perfectly fits a person comfortably.

Second, adjustable air-conditioning and a small locker for your personal belongings.

Third, Hangers, a cloth rack, and personal reading lights with a small table.

It is also fully soundproof and insulated with glass wool partitions and wood. And of course, to complete your stay, there’s a 4-star hotel standard mattress, blanket, and 100% cotton pillow.

Inside the capsule with a curtain, clothes rack, air-conditioning, and the key-card activated light switch.
Inside the capsule room from a different perspective.


It’s not your usual “mixed” dorm hostel with bunk beds where you may have boy-girl-boy-girl. So for those who are quite uncomfortable with that kind of setting, worry no more. They have separate capsules for men and women. And even separate floors and a separate elevator. In addition, it has a thick and secured plastic curtain for in-and-out.

Facilities and Amenities

Locker Area's Isle. Each locker is also key-card activated.
Locker Room

Like a hostel, Khan Hoang Capsule Hotel has many facilities and amenities that are communally shared too like the toilets, internet access, and shower area.

Shower Area with sinks and mirrors. Hair dryer is also provided.
Shower Area
Shower Area with a shower gel, hair shampoo and conditioner.
Shower Area

Moreover, complimentary amenities also await every guest like towels (bath and face), hair conditioner and shampoo, and shower gel. They also provide dental kit, slippers, and sleeping wears (a shirt and loose comfortable pants).

It's your night clothes consist of a loose pants and a yellow shirt.
Night Clothes or Sleeping Wear


I think the advantages of staying in Khan Hoang Capsule Hotel are the perfect reasons for you to book and stay for a couple of nights or longer. But what are those advantages?

  • Convenience – It is located in the Old Quarter and just a few meters away from Hoan Kiem Lake and other famous attractions in the city of Hanoi.
  • Affordable and Comfortable – For only 13-20 USD per night which varies base on the day and special holidays and occasions. Moreover, they provide 4-star hotel services and standards from the facilities and amenities to comforter, blankets, and pillows. With that being said, it’s still within the budget and makes it affordable without compromising quality and comfort.
  • Secured – Khan Hoang Capsule Hotel has 24-hour security cameras in the entire property and a security guard.
  • Friendly and well-informed staff – The staffs are approachable and friendly. The receptionists are knowledgeable about the things around them like the nearest and best restaurants, tourist attractions, etc.

I will strongly recommend this Khan Hoang Capsule Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. It will give you the most unique experience and at the same time with high-standard services.

Khan Hoang Capsule Hotel

Address: 42 Hang Be Street, Hang Bac Ward, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, Vietnam

Contact Number: +84 2433884242

Email: cs42@khcapsule.com

Facebook: Khan Hoang Capsule Hotel

Website: khcapsule.com

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