A short trip to Ba Vi National Park

Magnificent landscape from one of the viewpoints.
Magnificent landscape from one of the viewpoints.

Ba Vi is known for its national park and mountain range. Since it’s located near the city center it’s a perfect option for a day tour. A quite new tourist attraction but considered as one of the most first-rate natural areas in Vietnam.

The park is home to a very diverse range of flora and fauna. And definitely a must-try destination to visit. If you’re looking for something to do to escape the busy life and get some fresh air, Ba Vi is the best option to do so as it’s just an hour away from Hanoi City Center.


Ba Vi National Park has a total area of 10,815 ha in area and located 48 kilometers in the west of the capital city, Hanoi. It’s still part of Hanoi and it is situated in a mountainous area that is well-known for its captivating view and beauty. Having said that, it’s the home of 3 mountain peaks running north-east and south-west. These are the Ngoc Hoa Peak (1,120 m), Tan Vien (1,226 m), and the highest which is the Vua Peak (1,296).

One thing I also discovered from one of the locals was the meaning behind its name. Ba means the number three (3) and Vi refers to a mountain which means Ba Vi = Three mountains. Impressing right? 😊

How to get here?

Bus 74 from Ben Xe My Dinh to Xuan Khanh
Bus 74 from Ben Xe My Dinh to Xuan Khanh.

You have 3 options to get here. It’s either by bus, taxi, or motorbike.

By Bus

If you’re going by bus, this is actually the cheapest option I can recommend. It will only cost you around 9,000 VND ($0.39) for an hour ride. There are 3 buses going to Ba Vi.

First, you can get on bus 71 or 74 from My Dinh Bus Station to Xuan Khanh. Well, both final stops will be Xuan Khanh which is 5 km from the National Park. From there you can grab a taxi or motorbike or if you still have the energy you can walk from there. In my case, I took bus 74 and arranged with my hotel to pick me up at Xuan Khanh bus stop. The bus leaves every 10-15 minutes from 5 am – 7:30 pm.

Second, get on bus 214 from Yen Nghia Bus Station which is in Ha Dong district to Xuan Khanh.

By Taxi

It’s the most convenient option yet the most expensive too. If money is not an issue then this is for you. 😊 For a one-way ride with a grab bike, it will cost you around 200,000 VND – 300,000 VND ($8.60 – $13) and if it’s grab car it will cost you 550,000 VND – 750,000 VND ($23.70 – $32.35)

By Motorbike

If you’re the kind of person who’s into adventure and don’t want to miss the view along the way this is perfect for you. You can rent a motorbike per day for 350,000 VND – 400,000 VND ($15-$18) excluding the gasoline for maybe around 75,000 VND ($3.25) for a round-trip ride Hanoi City Center to Ba Vi.

Where to Stay?

Pool View at the May Tropical Villas.
Pool View at the May Tropical Villas.

I stayed for 2 nights in this newly pristine resort just right next to the Ba Vi National Park, The May Tropical Villas. Perfect right after your trek.

A suburban resort with a natural model and touch of Singapore architecture and designs. It offers a very relaxing atmosphere and rooms that suit couples, families, and a group of friends.

See this article to know more about the property: Hotel Review: May Tropical Villas

Places to visit in Ba Vi

There are a lot of places to visit in Ba Vi. But first, you have to get into this Ticket Office to get inside the Ba Vi National Park and also don’t forget to ask for a map. They provide a map of the park for free so take advantage of it.

Opening Hours: 6 am – 7 pm

Price Ticket: 60,000 VND ($2.60)

Parking Fee: 5,000 VND ($0.23)

Ticket Office at the main entrance of Ba Vi National Park.
Ticket Office at the main entrance of Ba Vi National Park.
Ba Vi National Park Map.
Ba Vi National Park Map from the authority.

Pine Hill and Wild Flowers

Actually, you can see these pine trees and wildflowers along the way going to the Bao Thien Tower. You don’t have to worry about how to get here. Just follow the main road on the map.

It’s also a perfect spot for a picnic with your friends or family while seeing the green pine forests. What a picturesque landscape!

Wildflowers along the road.
Wildflowers along the road.
Pine Trees Hill.
Pine Trees Hill.

Cactus Glass House

With more than 1200 different species of cacti, this is really a bizarre thing like you are on another planet or world. I don’t have a good picture of this place as my phone and camera batteries got empty. This is the last place I’ve visited as I go back to the resort. So you better make sure that you have enough battery when exploring Ba Vi. 😊

Ho Chi Minh Temple

This temple is located at the top of Vua Mountain. Yes, it’s an open-space-temple which literally means no doors. At the center, you will see Ho Chi Minh’s statue cast with copper and above it, there’s a quote written as “Không có gì quý hơn độc lập tự do” which means “Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom.”

Ho Chi Minh Temple at Vua's Peak.
Ho Chi Minh Temple at Vua’s Peak.
Ho Chi Minh's Statue at Vua's Peak.
Ho Chi Minh’s Statue at Vua’s Peak.

Bao Thien Tower

It is completed in 2010 on the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi and was built right next to the Ho Chi Minh Temple at Vua’s Peak. The tower is 26.9 meters high and has 13 floors.

Bao Thien's facade.
Bao Thien’s facade.
Inside the Bao Thien Tower. Impressive spiral stairs.
Inside the Bao Thien Tower. Impressive spiral stairs.


Best time

  • At any time, follow your Wanderlust. 😊 However, as per the locals, it’s usually from April – September because the weather is dry and cool. Or if you want to witness the wildflowers along the way bloom visit around November to December like what I did.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

  • Just a gentle reminder, since Ba Vi is a high place make sure to bring jackets, hand gloves, and scarfs to fight the cold weather.

The Map

  • The map is free. Don’t forget to get it from the ticket office at the entrance of the National Park. It is definitely a big help for your trip.

Sunblock and Repellent

  • If you’re going to the 3 peaks, make sure to apply sunblock. Especially if your skin is sensitive. It’s quite a long way to reach those peaks. Spray an insect repellent too for unforeseen creatures.

Stay Hydrated

  • Lastly, for every trekking always bring water. A liter or two is fine. Stay active. Stay hydrated. 😊

I hope this travel guide will help you plan to visit Ba Vi National Park and experience its natural beauty and history. It’s your ideal place for your next holiday, very convenient and refreshing. Do you need a break? Visit Ba Vi. 😊


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