A night in Bagan, Myanmar

Monk walking out the temple after his prayers.

This is the last destination of our Myanmar trip, the Old Bagan. We left Mandalay around 3 pm and arrived in Bagan at 7:30 pm. The bus ticket costs us 9,000 kyat ($6.15) per person per way. Our hotel in Mandalay helped us to book the bus tickets going to Bagan.

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We’re both hungry when we arrived so we just drop our things at the hotel and head straight to the restaurant for dinner.

Oh! Before I forgot, upon entering the city, you need to pay for their “Bagan Entry Ticket” that will cost you 25,000 kyat ($18). And please always take it with you while roaming around Bagan because there were officers who checked it even at 4:45 am. That only means they can check it any time of the day. You can also take a picture of the ticket and you can just show it to them once the officer asked for it.

The highlight of this trip is the waiting game to witness the amazing and stunning sunrise. Literally, we just had a roughly 3-4-hour sleep but it’s worth it!

To be honest, I can’t remember already where exactly this spot is. All I can remember is while driving on the road around 4:30 am going to the best sunrise spot, the receptionist recommended to us, there’s a man who approached us. He said he knows a perfect spot for the sunrise. But there’s a catch, we need to buy one of his paintings. 😊

Well, I didn’t waste a time so I asked him first how much would it cost us. And he said from 15,000 Kyat ($11) to 40,000 Kyat ($30). I agreed, then that’s it. The next thing we know, we already to this spot right here. Truly amazing!

See the picture below on how beautiful the sunrise is. 🙂

After the sunrise, we went back to our hotel around 8 am which is just perfect for breakfast. Then go back on the road to visit some temples nearby.

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Later that afternoon, we headed back to Yangon which is very sad. Because I know there’s still a lot of things to discover and to know about the Old Bagan.

So if you’re planning to visit Bagan I think you have to allot like 3-5 days to really dive in and experience the authentic culture of the ancient city. We really had a short time here in Bagan. And the night is not enough to explore it. But overall, it was a fantastic experience and I’m looking forward to being back here in the future.



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