Let’s talk about people! Different Types of People!

Types of people we meet in our lives…

Types of People

Different people, different personalities. But one thing I’m sure about, we met these people not by accident but for a reason. Yes, even the crappy ones. The universe works in very mysterious ways, it’s not easy to analyze nor understand. Yet, eventually, all the pieces will fall into place and you will always learn something valuable from their presence.

Here are the types of people we will meet along the way and will help us discover and shape ourselves as a person:

  1. The Supportive and Motivator

These are the people who always there and believe in you. They will help us recall who we really are, what are we really up to, and why we should keep going. Basically, they are the ones who will stay longer and will always remind us about our goals in life.


  1. The User

Maybe most of us have already felt being used or taken for granted. Well, I think it’s normal. There will always be people like them who will take advantage of you and then dump you somewhere because they already get what they want from you. But don’t worry, you met them to remind you that trusting is the best quality you have while betraying is the worst, “a taste of both worlds”.


  1. The Kind one

Usually, they are also the “humble ones”. Most of the time, they are the one who’s willing to help no matter what their situation is. They also remind us how we should be grateful in our life after all we’ve been through. I know how it felt like to have nothing; financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I’m more than thankful to meet this kind of people and it’s something I will really treasure for a lifetime, they taught me how to be more sensitive to people who are in need.


  1. The Humiliator

It’s not that easy but I guess all you can do is to understand where these kinds of people are coming from. Trust me, they will help you appreciate and love yourself more and accept your flaws. They will also teach you how to be kind. Somehow, if you have an aggressive personality and have the tendency to fight back. Think about the consequences and always choose the good side, ALWAYS!


  1. The Shock Absorber and Honest one

Usually they are the silent ones but have a lot of wisdom stored in their minds. People who will have the best advice to any situation you find yourself in. Sometimes, all we just want is this one person who will listen to all of our rants, burdens, struggles, challenges, and stories. And heard an honest and straightforward judgment afterward.


  1. The Pessimist

Also known as the “complainer”, a person who always has a problem in any situation. Their negativity is really infuriating and bothersome, to the point that sometimes we really need to step away. But what I like about these people, their constant negativity towards life will keep you in touch with reality.


  1. The Optimist

The confident and hopeful ones. A person who believes about the success of something whatever the situation they are in. Although sometimes, their attitude may be irritating because they have a tendency to only focus on positive aspects of the plan without considering any potential pitfalls. But of course, their presence reminds us that we should always look on the brighter side whatever challenges cross our paths. Moreover, it always feels good when they’re around.


  1. The Know-it-all one

It’s self-explanatory. Usually, they are the bossy ones too. They always have this feeling of taking in charge of every situation. Which we all know is incredibly annoying at times. But these people taught me how to step back when needed and when to take in charge politely and with admiration.


  1. The Adventurer

The people who constantly doing something thrilling and excites you. Seeing them being exceptionally courageous with their choices drives us to do the same thing. Usually, they are the ones who will inspire you to go outside your comfort zone and do the things you don’t normally do. This person is always on the go and their freedom will remind us to not take life seriously and appreciate every moment in life more.


  1. The Passerby

From the word itself, a person who just passes by. There will be people who are not meant to stay in our lives. Those you know for just a couple of days, people you made promises of staying in touch but get broken, people you meet on an adventure trip, on a bus, or in random places. But the sad truth is, sometimes, these people are the ones who will leave either a big good memorable impact or a big scar. Yet that will make us stronger and wiser. They came just to remind us that we’re human and we’re alive.


  1. The Teacher

They are the wise ones and most of the time the one with a lot of experiences in life. Well these are the people who have infinite wisdom like a walking self-help book and gives advice when you are stuck in a situation. But to be honest, I considered everyone I met as a teacher. I definitely learned something from every person I met. Trust me! They will leave something special and remarkable in your life.

Meeting the good ones is a chance to seize, cherish, and enjoy great moments in life, while on the other hand, it is a chance to practice humility. There are many sides to a person and what we see is not everything. They may do us harm, but I’m sure it’s for a reason. Confusing right? Yes! Because they will teach us things that we don’t understand on our own.

“No matter what happens in life, be nice to people. Being nice to people is a peaceful way to live. And a beautiful legacy to leave behind.” -marcandangel

Do you know what’s the good thing about meeting these people? Regardless of their influences on you, whether it’s positive or negative, whether they left a big or small impact. They all came at the right moment, at the right time to awaken your potential, your utmost potential!

So, to all the people I met in the past and to those who stayed. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 😊




Have you met all those 11 types of people? If not, FEEL FREE TO COMMENT BELOW the other types of people you’ve met. Maybe I missed someone? 😊



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