Distance Learning: The New Normal?

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Recently, the world is facing a dramatic pandemic which is the Corona Virus or also called Covid-19. Now the question is, how the education industry will keep up as the pandemic continues to damage lives and the global economy? Does distance learning; the new normal?


To give you an idea of what distance learning is. It’s a form of teaching or training wherein the key components involved (student and teacher) are not physically present and various technologies are used to facilitate communication. Distance learning is suitable for people who are busy and unable to attend classroom lectures.

It can be a fusion of modern distance learning through the internet and traditional classroom learning. Virtual Classroom is one good example of it, but basically it applies to a bigger number of students or learners. Online learning, distributed learning, and e-learning are just some of the examples of distance education. Moreover, these kinds of learning offer very flexible schedules that minimize the consequences of lack of time inflicted by responsibilities and commitments.

Current Situation

In some countries, schools started to implement distance learning like online classes. To ease the tension, prevent the spread of the virus, and at least make the students busy despite the current world situation.

Different governments from different countries are having a hard time to decide whether to open the new school year or not. Covid-19 just created a new world that is less free and life-threatening to students and to everyone.

As a freelancer, I started to open some online-learning-classes (English, Blogging, etc.) to my students as a safety precaution. In addition, this kind of learning system provides several benefits to the students, and also to the instructor or professor. All we need to have is a fast and reliable internet connection. And “Voila” we’re set to feed our minds with new information.


In my experience, I can attest that there are a lot of advantages to distance learning. But let me share to you some of those: First, it’s a more cost-effective way of learning, students don’t need to think about the transportation allowance. They can absolutely save a few dimes while learning.

Moreover, the high-priced course textbooks will also be a burden to students. But with distance learning, it can offer e-textbooks which somewhat cheaper in comparison with traditional textbooks.

Second, accessibility. If there are lessons that the students didn’t understand they can review the lessons as many as they can. Until they fully understood everything.

Lastly, it offers convenience. With their busy schedules, students will be able to learn anytime and anywhere without affecting their duties and priorities. Self-paced learning gives a maximum capability, understanding, and flexibility to the students.


Though despite the good things about this method of learning.  There will always be judgment or disapproval from other people. Some of the hurdles are the inconsistent students’ program fees, support services, and undependable technology.

Familiarity with the tools is some times the issue. Wherein, they should have undergone proper training to be successful in the program. Which is most of the time will lead to failed experience. Schools, training centers, and other online platforms should provide a complete knowledge of the software or the tools to use for learning. So, satisfaction and success will be met.

What is SPEC English?

SPEC English

Well, I found all of these things to this awesome online platform, SPEC English. It is dedicated to delivering the best online learning experiences to students utilizing a modern educational approach. With SPEC English, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages and you will be provided the latest and greatest educational technology.

They also combine both online and offline learning. Furthermore, their students will have a learning package at home to encourage self-studying and guarantee the continuousness of learning the English language.

SPEC English

The way of learning with SPEC English has responded very well. Their actual students who used to be really shy are now more confident and ready to conquer the world.

SPEC English

To know more about modern distance learning, web-based courses, and their services, feel free to check https://specenglishcenter.com/ and prepare yourselves to discover the boundless ways of learning.


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