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Have you ever experienced waking up feeling nothing? The feeling of emptiness and hopelessness is lingering inside you, depressed, and the feeling that you’re heading towards the wrong direction or towards nothing in life. We all feel lost sometimes in our life. No one is exempted.

I want to be as honest as possible here. I’m only speaking about my own experiences and thoughts on this topic of “feeling lost” which I really want to share and talk about. There might be someone out there who’s going through a lot of similar situations. And I hope it will lessen the burden that you’re carrying right now. So read along.


Events in Life

I’ve been living abroad alone away from my family for a couple of years now, 4 years to be exact. And in the middle of those years, I lost my way and didn’t know how to get back. I’ve experienced consecutive rejections, failures, and disappointments to the point that my performance at work was already affected.

I ran around trying to prove something to myself and to my family. When in fact, I’m needless competitive. I’m not the best with criticism and I’ve been selfish at times.

I’ve also lost a loved one along the way. A clear indication that our lives are too short and just temporary. Why do all things come to an end?

About missed opportunities that I thought that’s where I’m exactly heading, but evidently not. There’s a lot of endless questions going to my mind, but the real question is. What we’re supposed to be doing?

Recently, I think about how quickly time is passing. All these happened in just a blink of an eye. And indeed, sometimes there are moments in our life where you will feel not able to understand and grasp their meaning.


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“Fear is a universal experience. It’s not a terrible thing that we feel fear when faced with the unknown. It’s part of being alive, something we all share.” -Pema Chodron


The next thing I’m thinking is FEAR, fear of losing someone again, fear of not being recognized, fear of another failure and rejection, fear of being judged, fear of the unknown, to the point of asking myself what else is next?

But despite what happened, I’ve learned something that I want to share with everybody when you’re feeling lost. That, if you’re clueless about what the future holds the whole time, that’s fine. We can’t do anything about it, but what we can do is accept it and move forward.

We may not have all the answers but one thing I know for sure is everything happens in God’s perfect time. I’m not where I am now without the guidance of God. I will not survive everything I’ve gone through without him.


Best Friend

I see God as the best possible friend I could ever have. I’m not completely sure how I came up with this conclusion but something about it feels really right. Love is the only word God knows. God was, is, and will always be there.

At the end of the day you need to and you have to try it anyway. Uncertainty is a frightening thing. But you have to face it and continue living whether or not things go your way. This might be extremely difficult to deal with yet I’m sure you’re capable to overcome this despair! Keep believing, keep the faith. You got this!


“Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go.”

– Joshua 1:9




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