The Rustic Charm of Út Trinh Homestay

Ut Trinh Homestay

As I continue exploring the entire country of Vietnam, I’m now in Vinh Long province and this is my 16th province out of 63.  Well, I spent my 2 nights here on the island of An Binh at Út Trinh Homestay. I arrived quite early but they warmly welcome me even though the usual check-in time is at 2 o’clock.

Just put my things in my room and then ate my lunch. I had a bowl of fish, vegetable soup, and fresh jackfruits for dessert. After eating, I roamed around the property and discovered how beautiful it is! I quickly turned my phone on and did a live stream to share it with my friends and followers.

Brief Background

The owner of the homestay (Ms. Trinh) started as a local tour guide in Vinh Long. But then after some years, she started their own travel-related business with her husband. Providing great service to customers made them stand out from the other businesses. With the rising demand of international visitors in the province,  they decided to have their own homestay in 2009.

“Út Trinh”, Út means youngest and Trinh is her name, she’s the youngest of the 10 children in their family. At first, they built a wooden house with only five rooms, and then after some time built their second and third houses. They became known for their outstanding service and stunning house styles.

Moreover, she was awarded the “ASEAN Standard Award” for providing stable jobs with a good income to local people in 2018. Isn’t it amazing?



On my first night, they prepared a welcome meal for me together with her husband and sister-in-law. We had a good talk about our causes and aspirations in life. That’s why I’m amazed while she’s telling me her stories and how they started.  On the other hand, they served me fresh fried fish, some spring rolls,  sour soup, and fresh fruits. Literally, I was like a King that night attending a big feast for a celebration. This is one of the best services I had in my entire hotel stays in Southeast Asia.


(Ms. Trinh on the left, Chi Bai in the middle, and me)


(One of the 3 original houses they built)


I was assigned to a family room with 2 huge beds. What I like about the room was the rustic vintage interiors with a touch of local designs. It’s equipped with a hot and cold shower, an air-condition, and a ceiling fan. The room also has a wooden clothes rack and drawers for your belongings.

The highlight of this room is the outdoor shower at the back covered with plants. You will really feel you are close to nature. This reminds me of Bali with the ambiance,  designs, and structure.

(This is a different room. My room was in the first part of this article.)


(This is the outdoor shower that I’m talking about.)


(A pond full of Koi fishes)

(The river next to the Út Trinh Homestay and their boats.)

Other Services

The Út Trinh also offers other services like boat tours, local tours, bicycle and motorbike rentals, and a lot more. They also customize tours depends on your needs. So if you’ll be in Vinh Long, Út Trinh is the place to be. Just let them know or Ms. Trinh directly and I’m sure she will do her best to meet your schedules and plans.


“The vibe of the entire property took my hotel experience to the next level. If you’re a nature lover like me, this is really the place to be. It’s very close to nature sitting right next to the river and there’s a lot of plants and trees everywhere. The food is also outstanding as well as the service. I will always remember how they warmly welcome me on my first night. Really one of the best experiences I had in Vietnam. Highly recommended homestay in the province of Vinh Long.”


Út Trinh Homestay

Address: Hoa Qui, Hoa Ninh, Long Ho, Vinh Long, Vietnam

Contact number: +(84) 0919002505


Facebook: Út Trinh Homestay




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