Meet Jamie Nguyen of JamieOnce

Jamie Nguyen is a travel blogger from Vietnam and the man behind the website He also shares travel tips, tricks, and realizations in this blog. Let’s get to know him here:


1. Who am I? 

My name is Minh, you can call me Jamie, I’m from Vietnam. With a massive passion for traveling and exploring the world. I’m actually a new blogger, through this blog, I hope I can inspire everyone who doesn’t want to break their comfort zone or feeling insecure with the outside world. From the moment you take charge of your life – change yourself, the whole world will be under your feet. So be kind to everyone, be disciplined and live the life you want.

2. What is my blog about? 

Life experiences, travel, and music, street food.

3. When and why did I start this blog? 

in the middle of August (not really remember the exact time). this blog is to share and encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and break out into the world, It’s not just helping you and also helping me either, during this lockdown I thought why I don’t make or write something to encourage myself and other people base on everything I’ve been through.

4. Which social media do I use and why?  

I use Facebook and Instagram most of the time, besides I have WeChat and Whatsapp. There is no reason why am I using these platforms, basically, these are the most popular social media in my country.

5. What is my greatest failure (or worse experience) in life and what I’ve learned?

– I broke up with a girl and I thought that was the end of the world :)) 
– I was unemployed for almost a year and wasting time for nothing
Yet u know what, I was able to get up and learned from the failure, I can’t tell you specifically what I have learned from each of my failures, I just can warrantee one thing do not surrender on any problems, I know it’s easy to say than act but we are here to help and encourage each other, including me, we are not perfect! admit that.


6. What would be my advice to people who want to start blogging or who are new to blogging?

DON’T THINK! DONT’ HESITATE JUST TO IT~, but do it with your pure heart, Adjust your purpose, if you want to start blogging just because of the money, I’m sure u will quit soon. Writing is good for you to practice any language (example: English), to share your joy, communicate with everyone from all walks of life, don’t care what people say, it’s always hard at the beginning. Who knows? you will find your path there.

7. Who are the bloggers I follow and why?

My friend Ryan, maybe cuz I just start blogging. however, in the future, I definitely will follow some bloggers that I’m interested in.

8. My last words to say to the readers, like closing remarks?

It’s ok to make a big move, claim your dreams, be kind to people, and our mother Earth. It’s my honor to be a part of that. Peace!



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