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Hotel Review: Soleil Boutique Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam

Soleil Boutique Hotel's Logo

Before heading to Myanmar, I’ve stayed for a couple of nights in Hanoi and experience the first-class service of the newest boutique hotel in town. Soleil Boutique Hotel. The hotel is located at Hang Bong street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. The façade and interiors exude a contemporary atmosphere with a touch of Western motifs. As …

5 Best Things you can do in Vientiane, Laos that no one has ever told you about


I’ve read a lot of negative articles about how bad and boring their experiences were in this “forgotten country” in Southeast Asia, called Laos. Forgotten in terms of tourism, as they call it. Well, after traveling to some of the Southeast Asian countries, I’m often shocked by what these places can offer. In short, I …